What is Kitchen Waste Disposer/Crusher

What is Food Waste Disposer?

Food Waste Disposal is a method of disposing of organic or wet waste in a minimal and eco-friendly manner. EcoGreen Solutions has ventured in the field of kitchen appliances with its introductory brand BinCrusher– a domestic Food Waste Crusher. BinCrusher, the best garbage Crusher is an electronic device that crushes or shreds the food waste into fine waste with the help of its blades.

The Food Waste Disposer is an electronic device which needs to be fitted below the sink in concurrence with the draining pipe which carries the food waste for Crusher. The sharp blades will shred or cut food particles into fine powder form which will be flushed down the drain, leaving sinks clean, unclogged and odor-free. The machine is eco-friendly and is available in various power variables in accordance with your needs.

This Food Waste Crusher machine can offer a long-lasting solution for reducing the total amount of food waste going to landfill, hence reducing the creation of damaging methane gas emissions.

BinCrusher – A Food Waste Crusher eliminates food waste and brings in a hygienic environment in your kitchen.

Benefit’s Of BinCrusher- Food Wet Waste Crusher


Hygienic and Odour-free Environment

Keeping our working spaces and home kitchen hygienic and clean is a major effort because of the bulk of waste developed in the entire process?
1: It keeps the place look clean and tidy
2: Kills pests and spreads hygiene

What is Food Waste Disposer | Economical

Economically Helpful

It helps to relieve the hard labor of cleaning the mess and give you a clean environment, apart from being an economic saver.
1: No more clogged pipes and plumbing expenses.
2: No more health issues and healthcare expense.


Eco-Friendly Living

Helping in reducing efforts and expenses, since it is very eco-friendly. Aggressively follows its motto of “Greener Future”.
1: Helping in the sustainable use of resources.
2: Converting waste into the matter.