Soap Dispenser & Hand Sanitizers

The Corona-Virus pandemic has flagged, how important it is to maintain good hygiene. We have been alarmed, time and again, by Health Authorities to keep our hands washed or sanitized, in order to protect ourselves from the virus. Are you concerned about your own and other’s safety? Are you looking for something that can very well take care, of your frequent hand-washing needs? Well, you are at the right place. BinCrusher has come up with its manual soap dispenser machine, that takes care of your family and you. Easy to use, organized and self-supported, this soap-dispenser is user friendly, and works as a shield of protection against germs and viruses.

Benefits Of Soap Dispenser

In the post-lockdown period, it is a challenge for any company to maintain basic hygiene and ensure safety to all of its employees. BinCrusher’s  liquid soap/ hand-sanitizer dispenser model W-8062A, is a good choice for any commercial or private use. It is cost effective, as one can control the drop volume, easy to install and self-supported. There are many benefits, you can derive from using a manual soap dispenser


Trusted for over 10 Years, Bincrusher is the most trusted Manual Soap Dispensers & Liquid Soap Dispenser brand in India


BinCrusher’s latest launch is its ABS Manual liquid Soap/ hand-sanitizer Dispenser W-8062A. It can be mounted on a wall. The soap dispenser has hand-press mechanism, drop-volume adjustable property, and is perfect for both: private and commercial use.


Yes, ABS Manual Soap-Dispenser W-8062A machines can also be used as hand-sanitizer dispensers.

Clogging in a soap dispenser happens mainly for two reasons –
  • Either, the liquid put into it, is not properly diluted
  • Or, the pipes attached to it are not cleaned properly, that creates the clogging.
  • You, should always keep your soap-dispenser free from clogs. For this purpose use warm water, or vinegar that will melt down clogs. For stubborn clogs use thin sticks, like toothpick to get it removed.

    Installing ABS Manual Soap dispenser W-8062A is very simple. Just choose a space, that fits perfectly to the dispensers shape and size. One can use few extra screwers to fix it on the wall. These screwers give extra support to the soap-dispenser, and let it perform well.

    In most of the soap dispenser machines available in the market, spilling over of liquid happens due to their poor quality. But in BinCrusher’s ABS Manual Soap-Dispenser W-8062A this will never happen, as we have given it enough space to accommodate generous amount of liquid.

    Yes, Soap-dispensers are simple lever type of machine. Our soap-dispenser W-8062A is made up of ABS material. It can be mounted on a wall. The machine is manual, and comes with a hand-press button. Also, you can adjust the volume of dropping liquids, coming out of it.