BinCrusher has come up, with its sturdy and well organised Organic waste composting machine that is meant for commercial purposes. Fully automatic, neat and compact, the machine can be used in restaurant, apartments, hostels, malls, canteens and by catering agencies.


At BinCrusher we have a range of Organic waste compositing machines, that can be beneficial to you. Choose it today, as food waste compositing machines reduce the organic garbage to 10% of its total original volume.

organic compost machine 501

SE 501

Capacity: 25-50KG

oc 1001 organic compost machine

SE 1001

Capacity: 75-100KG

organic composting machine SE 2501

SE 2501

Capacity: 125-200KG

organic composting machine SE 3501 india

SE 3501

Capacity: 350-375KG

organic composting machine SE 5001

SE 5001

Capacity: 400-500KG

organic composting machine SE 1H


Capacity: 1000KG

What is Composting — The role of food waste composter machines

With the boom in population, everyday we generate lakhs of metric tons of garbage in the world. Waste management is one the rising concerns of the world today, for saving its environment. We can very easily transform the organic food wastes into fertilizers and mineral rich soil with the help of Bio-Degradable organic food waste electric converter machines.

Earning the dealership, BinCrusher is now all set to sell Organic Food waste composters at affordable prices. All our products are built with Stainless Steel, they are one-site portable machines and also equipped with cut-edge PLC technology. All the composter machines, that we sell can compost any type of raw organic waste, and turn it to fertilizer reducing 90% of volume, using minimal energy. The whole composting process is odour free and these machines can be installed at IT parks, multinational company’s offices, airports, restaurants, canteens and in educational institutes, etc.

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Food Waste Composting Machine at Best Price in India

What can be Processed?

Leftover Food

Meat, Fish, Poultry

Vegetable & Fruit Peels

Bakery Items

Egg Shells

Leaves & Gardening Waste

Fast Food

Animal Manure

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Residential Projects

Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts

Malls & Supermarkets

Corporate Cafeterias & Canteens

Commercial Complexes




automatic organic waste composting machine

Unique Features


The Organic Food waste converter machines we sell at Bincrusher has many unique features that makes it stand apart from the rest —

  • It reduces up to 90% of the total volume
  • It is hygienic, and does not breed any bacteria while composting food wastes
  • For composting the converter needs no additives It generates no fresh water
  • The bio-degradable waste composter needs only minimal maintenance
  • It emits no smoke or smell
  • The composting machine charges no landfill cost
  • The composter is free from any sort of venting
  • Yes, you need to very careful about what you are putting inside the bio-degradable waste composting machine. It is designed for only organic waste materials, like food left overs, wastes of fruits or vegetables, or natural fibre like jute etc. No in organic stuffs, like petroleum goods, glass, plastic, and metals are to be put inside the converter for decomposition, as those may create irreparable damage.

    We sell at BinCrusher such composting machines, which has deodorisation techniques installed in its mechanism. Thus while composting raw organic foods, no smell is spread.

    Yes, you can use the final outputs of the electric compost machine in your garden, after decomposing raw organic waste. The fertilizers will definitely boost plant growth and germination of seeds in your garden.