Kitchen Sinks In India

We all want our Kitchen space to be neat and tidy! Don’t we? Well yes… we at BinCrusher are aware of how important a role can Kitchen Sink play. Therefore, we have come up with our new sinks that have multiple options in its variety and are very user-friendly. All our sinks are built with Top quality Stainless Steel. They are fine products of refined engineering. Some of them are even handmade that gives it an edge to claim over the similar types of products that get sold in the market.


Premium range of kitchen sinks for home. Get high-quality stainless steel kitchen sinks, Single & Double Bowl Sinks in india online.

Single Bowl Single Drain Kitchen Sink

BinCrusher has launched its single bowl single Drain Sink. The sink is CE certified and has many layers of protection attached to it. It is a product belonging to our range named Nice which gives it 1.0 mm of thickness to its body.

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink (DB)

BinCrusher has come up with its double bowl sink. The Sink is meant for both private & commercial purposes. It comes in two variants & they are named as Boss & Nice. The sink is marked for its neatly bent edges & are top-class in performance

Handmade Matt Finish kitchen Sink

BinCrusher has come up with its matt Finish Kitchen sink built with best quality stainless steel. The USP feature that sets it apart are that it is handmade, built with stainless steel, and comes in two ranges, namely Grace and elegance.

Upright Deep Drawn Square Single Bowl Sink (SSB)

BinCrusher has launched its latest Upright Deep Drawn Square Single Bowl  Sink. The sink is made with stainless steel material. This sink has earned ISI mark for itself, because of its top-class engineering. Also, it is completely anti-fungal


Every sink is good, that we sell at BinCrusher. It just needs to match your criteria and your kitchen type, and also should fit well to the kitchen as per its own size.

All the sinks we sell at BinCrusher are easily cleanable. We have carved the bends of each sink in a way which can be easily cleaned. Clean it by detergent-water, vim gel, vinegar-water solution etc things. The whole process is easy and hazard free.

It completely depends on your own preference and requirements. If your kitchen has too much of pressure of works and needs more than one sink you can buy that from us. But, at Bincrusher’s we have multiple sink options of various sizes. It covers all types of kitchens and caters to every type of need.

Stainless Steel is the most durable sink material. All our sinks at BinCrusher are made of Stainless Steel.

The materials determine the cost of a kitchen sink. At BinCrusher all our sinks are made with top quality Stainless steel. Yet, we have kept the prices very affordable.

Keeping in mind both quality and price it is inferred that Stainless Steel is the best material that can be used to construct steels in India. At BinCrusher we use Virgin Stainless Steel in all our products.

Both the sinks are good. It depends on you, your requirements, the amount of space you have to position a sink that determines whether a 16 or an 18-gauge sink is better for you.

No, at BinCrushers the sinks we sell are not at all hard to keep clean. You can use good quality shampoo, detergent-water, vinegar-water solution, vim gel to clean the sink.