There is no better way than to relax underneath a stream of warm water to get relief from day-to-day fatigue and tiredness. From sportsmen to busy professionals, doctors now recommend everyone warm water bath, that soothes the body and refreshes the mind. We at BinCrusher have developed a range of Instant tankless water heaters ( knowns as online geysers, too) that are meant for  unlimited warm water supply in your bathroom, in seconds. All our products are extremely utility prone, saves energy and deliver hot water, effortlessly.

This new tankless water heater model TG01 is a perfect combination of sleek design and cut-edge German technology, that make it extremely efficient. It is shockproof, and smudge resistant. The online geyser is built maintaining all the safety protection measures, and there is no chance of an accident.

BinCrusher believes in the motto: customer first. Choose our Instant tankless water heater, and experience the uninterrupted supply of unlimited warm water, while you take the shower or do the household chores!


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Instant Tankless Geyser TG 03

A premium instant tankless water heater TG01 has an ABS Splash-Proof Casing, and a SS heating panel. The online geyser is an innovation of cut-edge German technology to supply an unlimited amount of warm water in the bathroom, kitchen, in only 3 secs


Electric Instant tankless water heaters by BinCrusher can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, if maintained properly.

Lack of warm water supply, cloudy water, noise inside the heating chamber, leakage through pressure relieve valves, water spilling outside the online geyser, etc. are signs of a tankless water heater malfunction.

Typically, a 40-gallon water-heater tank is just on the verge for fulling the water demand of a family of 4 people, when water usages are strictly normal. But, if the same family purchases an online geyser by BinCrusher, they can use unlimited amount of warm water. The online geysers are tankless, more modern and efficient.

No, with the instant tankless water heater functioning properly no gas can be smelt. If you smell sulphur like odour from your online geyser, most probably there is a leakage.

In case of regular geysers, if too much of pressure develops inside the tank, there remains a chance of the water heater bursting. But in case of BinCrusher’s online geyser there is practically no chance of bursting, as the geyser is tankless (it doesn’t store any water), and instant. The tankless water heater of BinCrusher also has enough safety protection measures in it, which in case of the geyser malfunctioning will trip the circuit off, and negate the chances of any accident.

BinCrusher’s TG01 doesn’t need flushing as it is an instant tankless geyser. It doesn’t need to store water inside the tank.

The difference between the two is that tankless geysers are free from storage tanks and supplies unlimited amount of water. Regular water heaters have tanks in them and cannot supply unlimited amount of water. At Bincrusher you can purchase latest tankless geysers that are best in class.

Tankless water heaters can be a little expensive while purchasing, but saves a lot more energy than regular water heaters. Tankless geysers are valued for money. It has higher longevity of at least 20 years. The geysers take less time, and supply an unlimited amount of hot water. They are space-saving, too.

At Bincrusher, you can purchase tankless water heaters that come with latest features, in affordable prices.