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Food Waste Disposer Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Size

Garbage Disposal Unit is a helpful and fast method for discarding food squander. This convenient kitchen disposal unit can save you time by destroying food particles so they can fit through the sink’s pipes. But one of the important questions is, what is the right size of waste disposal should you opt for?

We will assist you with tracking down the right size of waste disposal for your kitchen requirements. The last thing you really want when purchasing a waste disposal unit is inadvertently requesting in some unacceptable size.

7 Things To Consider Before Selecting The Correct Food Waste Disposer

1) Family Size

It’s simpler to measure your waste disposal needs by your family size. This is the way we suggest looking for your waste disposal relying upon who’s in your family.
½ HP Food Waste Disposer for two to three people.
• ¾ HP best for a family of five to six people. This is the one to choose for domestic use.
• ⅝ HP can be used if you have six to seven people in your family or if you are staying as a paying guest with a number of roommates.
• 1 HP to 1.5 HP is the best choice for commercial food waste disposer purposes like corporate offices, restaurants, etc.

2) Size of the Unit

Measure the height, width, and length of the area under your sink and the unit to ensure they’re well suited.

3) Level of the noise

Like any mechanized gadget, food waste disposers can be loud. If the disposer’s noise is probably going to bother you, select a model that produces less noise and is somewhat quiet or find ways of diminishing the sound of the unit.

4) Materials used

A kitchen waste disposal unit with stainless steel parts won’t erode, ensuring a long shelf life.

5) Shredding/ Grinding Chamber

The limit of the grinding chamber is demonstrated in milliliters. A model with a 1000 ml limit is incredible for a family of four, while a 500 ml chamber will get the job done for a kitchen that is just utilized by two individuals.

6) Space of the kitchen

Check under your sink to investigate how much space you have. And if you’re restricted on space, you need to check the dimensions of the waste disposal unit you’re opting for. Here, you might have to choose a unit with a smaller HP.

However, if you have limitless space, you can easily select a unit in any HP to fit under your sink.

7) Warranty

While a good garbage disposal machine should keep going for quite a long time, with trouble-free and convenient operation, it’s really smart to buy one that has an extensive warranty period for your peace of mind. Some brands offer a long warranty of 12 months and more

BinCrusher’s Food Waste Disposal Units.

As one of the leading garbage removal unit manufacturers, BinCrusher offers a wide range of products suitable for everybody’s needs, including units for business and commercial use. How much food squander you have will probably impact your choice of the model that is best for your requirements!

We provide models appropriate to small families, bigger family homes, and business premises. For, instance Domestic Food Waste Disposer FCD 520 is best for small households as it provides less horsepower of 0.50 HP. However, FCD 2000, 3000, and 5000 with more HP are apt for commercial purposes.

In fact, our company is taking a step towards the Green Future with its spectacular innovation of kitchen waste disposal units. These units are easy to install and are quite affordable. Install a BinCrusher’s machine under your kitchen sink and flush out the waste easily!

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