An odour free bathroom, well maintained balcony, dry terrace etc. are few home expectations we harbour in our heart. But do you know, what is the common factor that keeps all your private home spaces free from stagnant water? Well, the answer is Floor Drains. Floor drain, often known as Nanhi Trap in India, is something that you will find in every house. And perhaps, there is no home that doesn’t use a shower drain! Floor drain Channel is the key solution for removing drain water, that if not taken care off can create problems of foul smell and other unhygienic issues. So, are you someone facing troubles of standing water in your bathroom/terrace, or balcony? Do you want an in-hand solution for it? Well, thank you for choosing BinCrusher. We have compiled all the expertise at one place, that can fix your home related woes.

At BinCrusher we have a range of Floor drain covers that can be used in home spaces, balcony or terrace area. They are sturdy, sleek, and has unique features like anti-foul cockroach trap(built with Stainless Steel) in it. On top of it all, we have kept all these floor drain products, absolutely affordable. Our non-compromising stand to maintain best product quality, in such an affordable price makes us a class apart from our market competitors. BinCrusher honours customers’ preferences. Whether, you have renovated your simple old home or have a home that flaunts its modern designs we have something to offer you from our end, matching your requirements.


M01 - Line

Highly durable, made with lasting quality Stainless Steel, BinCrusher’s  FD-M01-Line comes with linear shaped designs. Sleek, and sturdy the Nanhi Drain is made with anti-foul ABS Cockroach trap

M02 - Square

Sturdy, and sleek Shower Drain-M02 has square shaped patterns etched onto it. Floor drain channel-M02 is built with Stainless steel, and has ABS Stink controlling cockroach trap installed in it

M03 - Wave

Brilliant in quality, Floor Drain Cover-M03 has wavy designs curved into it. The floor drain channel is made with Best quality SS-304, and comes with an ABS-Foul smell-Check Cockroach trap in it

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Properties of floor drains in india

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The purpose of a Floor Drain or Nanhi Trap is to move the stagnant water away, in either home bathroom space, balcony, terrace, commercial areas or any locality.

The floor drain channel is installed at the lowest point of a floor, that has its slope faced towards the drain.

With the help of a ruler, you need to measure the length of the Nanhi trap’s opening and other sides of the trap’s installation part, as per direction.

Floor Trap stinks due to P-Trap getting dry. One can get rid of this problem, simply by pouring a few gallons of water in it, adding just a little vinegar.

You can clean a Shower drain very easily by using boiling water, sprinkling baking soda or pouring vinegar down, or putting drainex into the drain.

Water is supposed to be there in those Floor drain covers. To check the drain, pour a glass of water in it. The water level in a good drain should not rise, no matter how much water you have put in

The price of floor drain in India can be as low as 200 Rupees and can go up to Rs. 8000. At BinCrusher we have kept our products very affordable, maintaining absolute international standard quality.

Due to the humid weather of India, Floor Drains often catch rust. So, we at BinCrusher manufacture them using Stainless Steel. They are lifetime corrosion resistant and the luster and shine of them stay intact for a very long time.