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Five Garbage Disposal maintenance tips to extend its lifespan.

Garbage disposals are the miracle workers of the kitchen sink. Breaking down chunks of food into smaller pieces to help and ensure longevity of the drainage systems at your home while being hassle free to use. These machines silently work their sustainable magic in moving towards a greener, healthier environment. While Garbage Disposals require
minimum maintenance for the most part, wouldn’t it be great to find out five ways to extend it’s already long life-span? After all the very first lesson in sustainability is looking after the things we use and in turn caring for mother earth. Longevity encourages less consumption and waste production while also promoting a financial diet. Let’s discuss the five maintenance tips hand picked by our experts to make sure your garbage disposal stays healthy.

Leave the garbage disposal on :

Keeping your disposal running for 30 seconds or a minute , with the water running, once it’s completed grinding till the last bit of any remaining food article is a great way to ensure it’s longevity. This makes sure that there is no remainder of food left in the disposer. As foods are organic material and can corrode the metal plates or clog drainage creating an even greater havoc . To avoid any remaining blockages, pour down a little bit of dish washing liquid such as vim liquid cleaner down the disposal. This will ensure that there are no food particles left and will keep the appliance clean and running smoothly. As chances are your garbage disposal can be the most overused appliance in your kitchen, be mindful of taking care of it . Simply following tips and tricks such as this , you can make sure that your garbage disposal enjoys a clog free health. In turn your garbage disposal will also last long. However in case of severe clogging always call for professional help.

Know what doesn’t go in a food waste disposer :

Before proceeding any further with the rest of the list, it’s essential to remember what goes in food waste disposers
and what doesn’t. We have compiled a list for your convenience. Food waste which
are disposer friendly :
● Small pieces of leftovers
● Watermelon
● Soft bones
● Fish bones
● Egg shells
● Fruit peels

On the other hand,
Hard food waste such as :
● Coconut shells
● Mango seed
● Corn peel
● Plastic
● Glass
● Mutton bones
● Hair
● Threads aren’t ideal for your food waste disposer. Also remember that cutting food portions in smaller pieces eases your waste disposal’s job and makes it run smoother. Taking care of these seemingly smaller things will help your
food waste disposal and make it last longer

Feed it some lemonade :

Done making a list of all the things which aren’t garbage disposal friendly? Now let’s look at something which is, a peel of lemon, or lime or feeling extra creative ? throw in a peel of orange. This will not only help get rid of any excess food waste which is always a bonus the fruit peels will help quell any bad odor. Looks like fruits keep everything healthy, from humans to machines.

Keep it chill :

Ice cubes and Cold water are your best pick when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your waste disposal.
Cold water helps solidify any food waste that might be stuck and get it ready for the grinding. This step helps to keep your disposal clean and free of any debris. Another pointer will be pouring piping hot water every two or three weeks to deep cleanse any greasy or oily material or any stubborn build up within the metal chambers of the garbage disposal.

Ice cubes however, must be used with caution and is advisable to use once every once a month. Ice cubes work the same as cold water and help in deep cleaning every once in a while.

Run the disposal regularly :

Food Waste disposals are made of metal, and it comes in excessive contact with water. Running water prevents rust. Using it regularly will help prevent it from rusting and like any machine needs to be used to work smoothly. Even if your waste disposer isn’t used to grind up food often in the kitchen, just leave it open with running water to maintain it’s longevity.

The tips and tricks shared above will help keep your garbage disposal in a better condition and ensure it’s lasting operation in your kitchen

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