Essential Services during Pandemic: Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management: Essential Services needed for a healthy human life, not at such a stressful COVID-19 time but lifelong Ms. Baby D. Kamble M.com, M.Phil, PhD in Business Administration (Pursuing), Works at ProEarth Ecosystems Pvt Ltd. Linked and Volunteer With: INORA-Pune, SWaCH – Pune, Waste Revolution Enterprises – Pune, Samuchit Environment – Pune

To protect the environment, it is very important to follow natural ways to handle all human-related activities. Solid waste is also a component that should be handled in naturally.

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Is solid waste a regular problem in your residential area? If so, how can this be overcome? And no, then where does this solid waste go from in your area? Is this solid waste being treated scientifically? Do you know the right way to handle waste? Did you know that solid waste management is a much-needed service to stay/survive on this planet? Yes, solid waste management is an essential service.

People understand the role of the police department, doctors, and groceries in the situation of Covid-19. But very few people are thinking of solid waste service and farmer service. In the city of Pune, many private companies, NGOs are trying to provide these services for environmental cleanliness and protection. And providing training and ideas for managing their waste through social networking sites. Solid waste operators are still operating continuously during the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS period.

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Solid waste management is a basic need of every household. During this period, all the burden falls on the Pune Municipal Corporation as many garbage pickers have stopped the recycling process and are sending all the garbage directly to Ghantagadi. There are three main types of solid waste in the home. Wet waste, Dry waste and Hazardous household waste. There are many natural ways to handle household waste like Composting, Vermicompost for wet waste and Proper segregation for Dry waste.

According to the report ‘Closing the loop, case study- Pune, India’; Pune produces about 2000 tons of municipal solid waste every day. Out of which 74.2% is Wet Waste. and Dry Waste consists of Plastic- 8.31%, Paper- 7.57%, Glass- 2.47% Cloth- 1.66%, Other-1.30%, Shoes- 0.54%, Metal- 0.33%, Electronic- 0.06%. The domestic hazardous waste consists of inert-1.14%, Sanitary waste- 2.42%.

This data makes you aware of your waste and will help to separate household waste from it. All waste is going into the Waste management system. For Effective Solid Waste Management there are 7 R’s as mentioned below:

1 Rethink: Rethink about our habits, our needs, our basic necessities

2 Refuse: Refuse anything that will harm our environment

3 Reduce: Reduction in waste generation through repairing, reusing, sharing

4 Reuse: Using something again or more than one time

5 Recycle: Reprocessing of unwanted materials into new, useful products.

6 Regulate: We throw away waste anywhere, Industries dump waste I open spaces, To control this we need Rules & Regulations, also to control on our activity.

7 Research: Research and develop new innovative ways, Think & Develop.

What are the benefits of handling solid waste properly? 1. Organic culture for the garden 2. Protect the environment 3. Dry waste can be sold or donated 4. Getting close to nature 5. Organic Vegetables /Farming 6. Sustainability from waste 7. Reuse, reduce, recycle, 8. Donation, 9. Biogas Plant.

People can overcome this problem by using home composting services for wet waste. If people can adopt smart bins, they can store their dry waste for a long time. They can give it to many companies and convert their dry waste into recycling systems. It is very important to adopt this habit of Segregation. And MY ECOSOCIAL PLANET FOUNDATION and other some NGO’s are working on this awareness and providing even simple tricks to handle personal waste management.

For disposal of hazardous household waste, this waste should be given only to PMC Ghantagadi so that it can be handled properly. Every human being generates waste and has his/her responsibility to handle it scientifically.

Thus choose a natural track for eternal Human existence!!!

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