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10 Things Professional Chefs Say You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a makeover or step up your cooking game and make nice home-cooked meals? Cooking has always been an essential part of our lives and with time it has evolved to be a source of entertainment, socialization, and a craft for professional chefs. However, in our busy lifestyle, those who live alone or with friends or are newly married and are not skilled cooks always miss the dinner table conversations and the comfort of a home-cooked meal. Food waste recycling is also a big problem in the kitchens.
So, now when you have decided to cook more, you need a tidy kitchen with the basic essentials to help you on your journey to becoming an expert home cook. Here are some tips and suggestions from professional chefs to optimize your kitchen and food waste solutions:

List Of Kitchen Appliances And Tools

The most important things in your kitchen are the right kind of setting and an adequate amount of tools. Here are 10 appliances and tools that are mandatory for home kitchens according to professional chefs:

1) Three Essential Knives

Having the correct knives is one of the basic essentials. Though it may look very fancy, you don’t need several knives that come in wooden boards as a set. You just need a long serrated bread knife, one chef’s knife, and a paring knife. These three knives will perform all the tasks for you from peeling fruits to cutting and scoring meat and fish and chopping chocolates. Rather than a stamped knife, go for sturdy forged knives that last longer and deliver better performance with regular sharpening. A good set of knives is the most versatile tool in the kitchen.

2) Spatulas

A nice all-around silicon spatula will be a nice investment if you want to buy something for all-around cooking. Spatulas are important. If you buy stainless spatulas that will be sufficient and having two to three spatulas of different widths will be enough.

3) Non-Stick Skillets

Depending on the number of family members or roommates you have and how much you cook for lunch and dinner, having two to three non-stick skillets will be enough for most households. Non-stick is the way to go for most dishes. They can be used for making curries and hot pots, baking pies, and any kind sautéing and stir-frying. Do not use metal non-stick pans as their coating comes off quickly and every time you cook you have to scrape the surface. Rather use bamboo utensils or the ones with a silicone coating.

4) One Iron Skillet

Meats or traditional dishes that require a good amount of sautéing for deep flavor like fish curries, curries of other kinds, and soups and stews that are spicy and need a longer cooking time can be cooked quite well in iron skillets. So, for your Sunday mutton curries, biryani, or regular fish dishes, an iron skillet is more preferable than non-stick skillet, as it will increase and retain higher temperatures.

5) A Kitchen Stand Mixer

For speeding up the process of cooking, a stand mixer is one of the important things to have. A stand mixer would be extremely useful for baking and making doughs, home-made butter, and mayonnaise. If you are a baker, investing in a good stand mixer will reduce the effort involved in the preparation.

6) A blender

Unless you are very comfortable with stone grinders that are heavy and difficult to mix and blend, a blender will be essential. It’s a basic and versatile tool for blending fruits, churning mixtures for ice creams, and grinding spices into a paste, which are important for most Indian cooking. A blender is a one-stop solution for mixing, grinding, and blending. and is a must-have for any level of cook.

7) Kitchen Sink Disposer

One of the important appliances to install in your kitchen is a food waste disposer. Professional chefs always recommend tidying up the sink and kitchen counter for faster and efficient cooking. Disposing wet waste can be quite problematic as disposing of them in the bin without segregating them from dry wastes like paper and tissue papers, and packets will give out a bad smell and create an unhygienic environment in your kitchen. Installing a kitchen disposer like the Bin Crusher is a quite helpful solution for disposing of food waste in eco-friendly ways

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