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This is how we begin! BinCrusher has plunged in its journey, shouldering Waste Management goals. In this regard we have earned the dealership of an esteemed company, a well-known manufacturer of composting machines to offer our customers the best of class composting machines, available in the market, that serves as a one stop solution of processing all the organic wastes. However, we don’t stop here. We are continuously growing and we have now elevated to the position of becoming a full-fledged Home & Kitchen Appliances company in Mumbai. We now responsibly supply our customers all their desired household and kitchen appliances.

BinCrusher believes in manufacturing eco-friendly products, that comes in help to ameliorate the quality of life of individuals by making it more hygienic, and clean. Our products serve both, private and commercial purposes. They range from catering to small, till big living standards.

BinCrusher is not only committed to its waste management goals. We have become an active supporter of SWATCH BHARAT MISSION, that ensures a greener and cleaner future, by taking initiatives which supports the cause both directly, and indirectly.

domestic food waste disposer in india

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Kitchen waste disposal machine

Food Waste Disposer or Kitchen waste disposal machine is a method of disposing of organic or wet waste in a minimal and eco-friendly manner. Get best & innovative food waste solutions for home, commercial or corporate offices. that instantly disposes of all kinds of food waste be it vegetables, fruit peels, or even bones.

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Organic Waste Composting Machine in India

BinCrusher has launched its Organic Waste Composting Machines available for private, and commercial purposes. Equipped with latest technologies the composting machine is capable to turn organic wastes into nutri-rich soil by cutting down its volume by 80-90% , in minimal amount of time. The whole process uses deodorisation and is odour free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Food waste management is throwing the left over foods at the right place. And also recycling them to use for other beneficial causes. Bincrusher has  a food waste disposal machine which keeps one’s kitchen hygiene intact, and a Food waste Composting machine, which turns organic food left overs into organic fertilizers.

Organic composting machines, are machines that turn organic wastes, viz., vegetable leftover, egg shells, extra food into nutri rich soil, after performing the compositing process. The composting machines that BinCrusher sell are hi-tech in their technology. They can turn all kinds of bio-degradable raw waste into compsting organic fertilizer, in minimum time, using direct heat, and dry composting techniques via several steps, and turn them into fertilizers by cutting down the original volume by 80-90%.

When you turn the disposal on, a spinning disc pushes the food waste against the outer wall of the grinding chamber. It pulverizes the food into small sections. The pulverised food then gets washed by water through holes in the chamber wall.

The garbage disposers available at BinCrusher fits sinks of every size. But one needs to be carefully in case of canteens, and restaurant purposes. Commercial sinks have 140mm sink holes, and domestics have 90 mm.

Every sink that Bincrusher sell is friendly for a kitchen. Anybody would find the kitchen sinks sold by Bincrusher very user friendly.

Instant Tankless geyser is the best for a bathroom. It occupies less space, and supplies unlimited amount of water in your bathrooms. BinCrusher has a range of instant tankless geysers present at its stock. They are supreme in quality, energy efficient and comes with a bunch of safety measures.

An air frier is a cooking instrument. It can fry or bake snacks, using zero oil. BinCrusher has in its stock, the best types of air friers present in the market. The air frier has afan installed in its bottom, it starts to rotate and then the food inside gets heated up. BinCrusher has both types of air frier present in its stock— Digital /Manual.

Organic waste can be converted into compost with the help of heat, and bacteria. BinCrusher sells top notch composting machines, that turns raw bio-degradable waste into nutri rich soil, using direct heat, and dry composting techniques, over several steps. It cuts down the volume of raw waste by 80-90%